Beautiful Victorian Table Lamps For Your Home

What makes Victorian table lamps so sought after?  Well, for a start, it is very interesting to recreate the allure and charm of the Victorian age in your own home with suitable furniture and decorative elements that reflect this era. The Victorian periods spans from the 1870’s right up until the 1900’s and was recorded as an era of splendor and abundance.

Victorian Table Lamps

The later period of the 1800’s were known as the era of rapid advancements in the technological field and industrial advancements. This is an era of mass production and the birth or railway transportations. This marks the birth of rapid economical growth where better transpiration facility makes it easier to transport good and people from one location to another. While it is impossible to get back in time to witness the bustling growth and the prosperity of this era, it is possible to capture a piece of that history with a collection of Victorian table lamps.

The Victorian table lamps made with curved lines are hand crafted and reflect the lavish lifestyle during the opulent Victorian era. The colors are quite vibrant at times, and at other times resemble soft romantic pastel shades. Most of these lamps are durable. The Victorian Era boasts of sheer romance and glamor and this is reflected in the intricate designed table lamps.

Victorian table lamps are captivating and elaborately decorated. These are exceptionally beautiful and are often made up of rich fabrics with hand crafted coverings that are sometimes made of intricately woven pieces of artwork.

The rich, luscious fabrics are often embellished with chains and laces and feature exquisite designs made up of gorgeous hand crafted artwork with dazzling embellishments of beads and chains. The base of Victorian table lamps are normally made of solid brass.

This form of lighting often requires little maintenance. The structures are screwed to the stand of the base and the beautiful lamp shades are fixed on. From there, you have a new gorgeous Victorian table lamp. The structure is heavy but you can always choose to separate each of the components that make up the lamp.

There are lightweight versions available of the classic Victorian style table lamp, which makes use of the ship’s lantern, and there’s also the the functional steam handy lamp, which is another famous type of Victorian era table lamp.

These elaborate designs can add instant charm to a bedroom as a captivating centerpiece that enhances the overall look of the room. For a resplendent feel, complement your Victorian table lamps with matching beds and furniture and complete the look with a heavy fabric drapery that was common during the Victorian Era.

You can get your own Victorian table lamp from a mere $30 to a more expensive piece that may cost you up to $500 apiece. The best thing about having one of these around is the fact that you can change the shades from time to time with new ones to fit into the different themes you may desire.

With a height of 30 inches or a little more or less, Victorian table lamps can give a magnificent look to your home. They are a great investment if you have a passion for lavish items and a grandiose appeal.

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