Bankers Lamp Shade – Change Style

Finding the right banker’s lamp shade need not be a daunting task at all. Today, the traditional banker’s lamp has been created with new and interesting designs that incorporate different materials and colors as their glass shade. The old familiar green glass has been replaced with a vibrant range of colors that adapts and blends itself well with any type of theme you many have in your home.

Here are just some of the most interesting designs we found available, all of which transform the traditional banker’s lamp into an interesting piece of artwork with its unique and contemporary designs.

#1: Bright New Color

Classic bankers lamps are normally made of green glass shades that give off a solemn look to their appearance. Later, blue lamp shades were introduced and gained some popularity in the marketplace. Today, as the bankers lamp has become both an item of utility and beauty, new and bright colors are introduced to add to the wide collection of banker’s lamp shades.

#2: Elements of Nature

Some bankers lamp shades make use of the elements of nature to create new interesting and lively looks. Butterflies, flowers, and other interesting objects are painted onto the glass or stained, which creates a traditional and a contemporary effect at the same time.

#3: Specialty Units

Bankers lamps have been utilized as items of novelty where special units are designed to cater to special markets such as sports fans or colleges and universities. These units often make use of higher quality material, which inflates the pries higher. The shades are often embedded with the logo of the organization or the team that is represented by the theme of the banker’s lamp.

#4: Tiffany Style

Tiffany style glass bankers lamps are also famous for their beautiful shades and elaborate designs. The captivating beauty of the stained glass makes it even more appealing when combined with the sturdy and sleek lines of the banker’s lamps. Tiffany style banker’s lamps can be rather expensive and command more than $100 for a piece of intricate artwork. But the investment can be worthwhile when you realize how interesting these items can be.

#5: Contemporary

Today, there is a wide range of contemporary banker’s lamp shades that feature pleated, frosted, and tempered glass styles. This variety only adds to the value of traditional banker’s lamps.

It is important to realize that the taller the lamp, the bigger the shade will be. If you plan to use the lamp for reading lighting, then you may need to go with a large shade to suit this purpose. If the room you plan to place the new lamp in is considerably small, then do not go for a larger shade as this will definitely look odd and out of place.

The color of the walls and the other decorative items you have should point you in the right direction as to the specific type of bankers lamp shade you should be looking for.

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