Bankers Desk Lamp Review

The bankers desk lamp is perfect in places where you wish to create a stylish yet traditional look. The banker’s desk lamp is regarded as a classic lamp with traditional design but in recent years, there have been many updates and improvements made to enhance the appearance of this historical form of lighting.

bankers desk lamp

The bankers lamp was first designed with the intention to provide a very strong and focused ray of light to facilitate bankers and accountants as they performed the tedious tasks of updating journals and bookkeeping. So the design of these lamps now basically harnesses the power of the downward small and focused beam of light, which can enhance visibility and reduce errors.

The original look of the bankers desk lamp is a solid rectangular shape which produces a book shaped beam of light. It is mounted on a sleek polished brass base, along with a dark green shade that is made of glass. It has a gold pull chain. If you’re interested in getting one of these traditional designs, it is possible to obtain one of them at a local outlet store.

As an alternative, you can browse online to find the best deals offered. The prices are very affordable and range anywhere from a mere $30 to $250.  You may also want to buy a bankers desk chair to wonderfully complement your lighting unit.

There are other variations of the banker’s desk lamp that feature a more modern look. They often incorporates elaborate and stylish designs into the original traditional rectangular shape design. The more elaborate the innovations are, the higher the cost will be.

One of the most popular newer and updated versions of the bankers lamp is Tiffany lamps. They can easily cost you $100 for apiece for a Tiffany style lamp simply because of the elaborate and detailed designs that are used to create the new version of the banker’s desk lamp.

Bankers desk lamps still carry the old style of pull switch and a solid metal base, but the difference lies in the durable bases and connectors. They often feature designs that incorporate natural themes such as flowers into the design. The shades often make use of stained glass to project a unique and interesting appeal.

The bankers desk lamp has its own unique use as well. Today the lamps are created as specialty lamps that embed some special symbols or logos of a favorite team or a school logo. The base is often made out of solid marble or brass. The shade is still made of glass and has the same pull chain attached. These types of specially designs are often more expensive than the regular banker’s lamps, as the materials that are used to create these lamps are much higher in quality as well.

Another style of the bankers desk lamp is a design that features a glass shade but has the pull chains replaced with a cord switch. The color of the dark green shade is often replaced with bright orange, or even reds, to create a more lively effect. Some designs make use of butterflies painted on the glass shade for a more interesting appeal.

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