Little More About Bankers Lamp

The name of the lamp itself may conjure a few familiar images in your mind and you are probably far from being wrong about what you’re envisioning. The bankers lamp was created back in past centuries to help bankers who had to slog over piles of bookkeeping work and journals during the late nights up to the wee hours of the morning.

The presence of these handy lamps helps reduce human error. The most popular shade is green, as this dates back to those from over a hundred years ago; blue has begun to be accepted as well. Antique banker’s lamps were powered by electricity as early as the 1800’s.

Today, bankers lamps have been given a fresh look to make them seem more relevant to the times. However, the traditional banker’s lamps still remain available in the marketplace as vintage items that serve as a decorative item of beauty that adorns modern homes with their unique and historical design.

The bankers lamp is popular in homes, hotel lobbies, work desks, and sometimes, these are used as lighting for pianos. Because of the new and contemporary designs available, the banker’s lamp has been successfully used as part of a modern décor that adds charm and offers a welcoming contrast that people really enjoy. It embodies the essence of history and tradition and most people feel a sense of connection with these lamps.

The banker’s lamp we see today in the marketplace not only features its traditional design but it has been upgraded and enhanced with new and interesting elements such as roller shades, stained glass for the shades, and elaborate carvings on the column base.

One with a bronze or brass finish will definitely blend in well with other contemporary designs in the modern home. Green and blue often create a soft lighting form that looks great in rooms but other shades such as orange and red can create a more cheerful feeling when incorporated into these lamps.

Banker’s lamps typically feature a solid brass base and a typical green glass shade but today, new and different colors have been used to create a modernized version of the lamp. They remain a highly popular item and are sought after by students, executives, and anyone who works long hours at their desk. The antique versions often appeal to collectors as they are a priceless item with a delightful intrinsic and historical value embodied within each piece.

It can be functional and decorative so it is recommended that you decide which of these two elements are more important to you if you decide to get one for yourself. The functional ones are much cheaper as they lack the presence of expensive materials and decorative elements, which would significantly raise its price.

However, if you are a collector looking to find a dazzling piece of work, then go for a decorative Bankers lamp, which features Tiffany shades, decorative carvings on the base and even some that make use of marble as the base. These are items of great beauty and they’re built to last a very long time.

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